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Cassie Saville -Rose Petals

Cassie Saville – Roses

Hi and welcome.

My name is Tim Rollans and welcome to my website trollans.ca (pronounced “T Rollans dot C A”). This site is about my photography and websites and has nothing to do with TROLLS (the kind that live under bridges) or trolling for fish. Although some people may troll around here looking for gorgeous models because I do have the tendency to work with some of the most beautiful and gorgeous models in the WORLD. It is just by luck that they happen to live in Calgary and happen to enjoy working with me, which I will never figure out but am grateful for.

More than anything else, I love to be out there when it comes to getting exposure and marketing. Which is kind of interesting because I do tend to think of myself as a more a behind the scenes type of person. I have been published in a lot of major publications (primarily fitness), have worked in the fitness industry and modeling industry and my websites are a continuation of my journey towards building an solid foundation to getting exposure and becoming known (for both myself and the models I work with). The only sustainable results I have that work is by rolling up the sleeves and working hard.

I tend to use social media more as a tool and for communication (socializing) than anything else. I have a facebook profile and twitter account. You are welcome to try add or follow me although I tend to socialize with people who are more orientated towards what I am doing more than random friends.

Enough of the chit chat. Come on in, have a look around and hopefully enjoy yourself. It’s time for me to roll up the sleeves and get some things done. If you are interested in working with me, by far the best way is to send me an email or something. I very rarely contact people even if they add me on facebook and I accept because I hate bothering people and figure if you want to work with me on some level I figure you will let me know. It’s just the way I roll and it seems to work for me.

My Websites

I love websites!

The above are my current big three websites. Two of them I am hoping to evolve into team projects. When it comes to websites my criteria for the level of success is based on traffic and traffic sources. Ideally I like to keep social media traffic around 20%. And as you can tell I am focusing much more on Canada now because “I AM CANADIAN!”

trollans.ca – My first site, my personal site and the site I use to test things with. This site is actually all wrong when it comes to how to do websites, but it was my first and is personal to me so I keep it.

Canada’s Sexiest Models – Created because of an idea/concept. More bikini, glamour, lingerie and sexy based. It has went through some evolution phases and generates good traffic.

Canada Fitness Models – My newest site which is currently going through some evolution changes. It will break down into more specific sections, but for now it is a good start. Traffic is starting to come to this site now and it should increase at a steady pace.

I personally believe that websites are important for models and photographers to have. Unfortunately most photographers and models get it wrong from the very start just like I did with trollans.ca. How’s a person to know? All is not lost though and in large part that is why I am structuring things they way I am. I always believe that there is an advantage to working with me (hint, hint).

My Photography

I work with and shoot models.

Even though I know I am good I also recognize that there is always room for improvement. Since I began taking my photography more seriously (around 2006), every day is filled with new ways to improve from conception of an idea to display. It is one of the reasons you will see my work constantly changing and hopefully improving. It is also a reason why I say an image never dies because I will rework and rework images until I am happy with them (I think it drives the models that I work with nuts!).

My style (and I always say I have none) and focus is models. I believe my images are about the MODEL and the photography, concept and everything else is secondary. I believe my job is to really do everything I can to make the model look their best and be memorable. There are photographers that do incredible manipulations and photoshop that I absolutely admire, but for me and my photography I like the more classic full attention on the model type photography. Although I have come to understand the need to use my experience and reputation to help bring the model more exposure (and it was a long time in coming to understand this). That is why you will rarely see me actually promoting my photography and see more of my focus placed on the model. It’s how I roll.

Kamber Lindenbach - Fitness

Kamber Lindenbach – Fitness

Some (most) models will find getting to shoot with me difficult. The models that work with me figure out that I tend to schedule somewhat off the cuff and short notice, primarily because of my schedule. Photography is not my main source of income and is actually more my hobby and relaxation than anything else. It really is one of those things where if someone really wants to shoot with me they will.

And I do believe that this pretty much concludes the introduction to me. A little long because I like to write, probably full of spelling mistakes because I hate proof reading, but all in all probably alright. I hope you enjoy and don’t be too taken a back with my strange and sometimes warped sense of humor.

Best regards,